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Therapy Air®

Air Sterilizer
Code: PWC-504   
with Scent Gel              
Code: PWC-503
with Scent Gel

Therapy Air® offers significant relief from indoor air pollution, and enables you to breathe clean air again. Your home and your office will be healthier places to live and breathe.
Dust, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke and other pollutants will be eliminated. People will notice the difference when they walk into a room with Therapy Air®!
Coworkers, customers and family members - especially those who suffer from allergies - will finally have relief and be able to breathe easily.
Zepter’s Therapy Air® reduces pollutants from dust, air fresheners, tobacco smoke, pollen, fireplaces, pesticides, aerosol sprays, plant spores, humidifiers, woodstoves, pet dander and mold.
Let Therapy Air® filter your air so your body doesn’t have to!

Therapy Air® an ingenious natural solution

How Therapy Air® works:

1 Micro-filter removes air pollution
Air-polluting particles up to 0.4 µm (pollen, bacteria, dust and germs) are completely removed as the air passes through the micro-filter.
The risk of contracting allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases is thus minimized.
 Micro-filter removes air pollution

2 Oxygen-activating module generates ozone which destroys micro-organisms and remaining pollutants which are gathered on the catalyst.
In the Oxygen-Activating Module of Therapy Air®, active oxygen ions are produced by the plasma discharge unit. Thus, the most efficient air cleanser known is capable of destroying micro-organisms and pollutants.
 Oxygen-activating module generates ozone which destroys micro-organisms and remaining pollutants

3 Catalyst Bacteria, fungi, etc… are killed in a highly efficient and completely safe process. Ozone is removed from the outgoing air.
Subsequently, the main purifying reaction takes place on the Catalyst, where ozone and hydroxil radicals destroy the micro-organisms and pollutants that are gathered on this very special filter. Before leaving the Therapy Air® System, all remaining ozone, hydroxil radicals, residual gases and unpleasant odors are removed from the out-going air, making Therapy Air® the absolute safest and most efficient air purifier that uses ozone.
 Catalyst Bacteria, fungi, etc. are killed in a highly efficient and completely safe process

4 Aromatherapy spread out with the Swisso Logical Scent Gel container, enriches the purified air with natural aroma macro-particles.
Having passed through the outlet grating, the air is sucked in again, by means of a smaller fan – this time through the perforated surface on the rear side of the casing – to the chamber with the Swisso Logical Scent Gel container. Before the air is discharged into to the room again, it is enriched with natural particles from the gel.
 Aromatherapy spread out with the Swisso Logical Scent Gel container, enriches the purified air with natural aroma macro-particles.

Therapy Air functioning schema

   L 51.5 x H 40.0 x W 14.0cm
 Weight    6.5 kg
 Power supply       220 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 Hz
 Power rating    Max. 100 W
 Working Temperature (from - to)    0°- 40° C
 Main fan revolutions    1400 rpm
 Gel fan revolutions Max.    1500 rpm
 Maximum size of room    120 m3
 Protection level    IP 20
 Quality symbol    VDE/CE

 Performance: Clean Air Delivery rate (CADR)
 Position 1       ca. 40 m3/h
 Position 2       ca. 80 m3/h
 Position 3       ca. 142 m3/h

 Noise Level dB(A)
 Position 1       ca. 27 – 31 dB (A)
 Position 2       ca. 37 – 41 dB (A)
 Position 3       ca. 50 – 54 dB (A)

 Power Consumption:
 Position 1    35 W
 Position 2       60 W
 Position 3       100 W
 Life time fan motor Minimum           15.000 h


Therapy Air® is the most effective air sterilizer. It functions:

Biologically - ozonizing the air like nature intended
Chemically - by killing bacteria and pollutants

Ozone: an important benefactor in the atmosphere’s self-cleansing function

Thanks to Therapy Air® and its unique "Therapy Air® Technology" (TAT®), you can breathe absolutely pure air, like nature intended:

Therapy Air® silently purifies the air in a 3-step cleaning process.
It is important to point out that the device has controlled ozone production.
Ozone does not mask odors: it oxidizes these compounds and renders them odor-free. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that can destroy a wide variety of viruses, bacteria and other toxins. It also oxidizes phenolics (a poisonous compound of methanol and benzene), pesticides, chemical manufacturing wastes and aromatic (smelly) compounds.

Therapy Air is the most effective air sterilizer.

How does ozone work?

In the upper atmosphere, ultraviolet light from the sun strikes the two atoms of molecular oxygen (02) and splits them into single atoms (01). These atoms each combine with another molecule of two-atom oxygen to make a three-atom molecule, which is ozone (03). Most of this ozone converts readily back to oxygen, but a small amount of it persists.
Natural or generated ozone is highly reactive, killing bacteria, fungi and viruses as well as oxidizing pollutants.

What is a hydroxil radical?

Hydroxil radicals occur in our atmosphere when an oxygen atom (01), (created by the breakdown of ozone), pulls a hydrogen atom (H) from water vapour (H20) to form the radical (0H). This radical has an unpaired electron in its outermost electronic orbit which pairs up with others, forming chemical bonds. Thus, it reacts with a variety of compounds (hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc.) that would otherwise poison us.

Natural or generated ozone is highly reactive, killing bacteria, fungi and viruses as well as oxidizing pollutants.
Therapy Air reaction mechanism model

Therapy Air® Technology

The first microscopic picture of the hydroxyl radical actually destroying bacteria has been taken at Dresden University (Exotermic Reaction)

Reaction mechanism model
A part of ozone reacts with water, which is practically contained everywhere on all surfaces, for instance, also on active coal air filters.
Thereby highly reactive hydroxyradicals (OH) or hydroperoxyradicals (H02) are formed.
During the following oxidations organic compounds are further oxidized in multistage reactions under formation of the so-called organic peroxyradicals (R02), bacteria and viruses are destroyed; e.g., biologically inactivated.

This process insures that germs, protein remainders and odorous chemical substances (organic substances) accumulated on the filter (the absorption catalyst) and on the other surfaces are oxidatively destroyed or denaturalized.
After reacting with ozone, the filter (the absorption catalyst) is hygienic and odour-free.
Therapy Air reaction mechanism model - ozone creation
Therapy Air reaction mechanism model - ozone reaction in a filter


Beyond the freshest air is Therapy Air®!

Swisso Logical Aromatherapy
It should be no surprise that scents affect the way we feel.
The pleasant smell of flowers or good cooking produces positive reactions. The surprise is that even when we do not consciously smell something, we are still being affected by our sense of smell!
Of our five senses, it is the sense of smell that is directly connected to the limbic system, which plays a big part in thinking and learning processes, as well as emotional and motivational control.

Scents have direct access to our emotions.
Consciously or subconsciously, scents influence our feelings and touch our souls. More and more research is being done on Aromatherapy, and Zepter is leading the pack. Therapy Air® has been designed to work with Swisso Logical  Aromatherapy, the latest advancements by Zepter’s research.
Not only is the air clean and pure, but, depending on which Aromatherapy you choose, can have other helpful properties.

Swisso Logical Aromatherapy

Physical therapy for the body, and aromatherapy for the mind!



Happiness code PWC-503-060
The Happiness Aroma with bergamot, iris, sandalwood, cedar, cardamom, and a hint of musk will activate your olfactory receptors and give you a positive lift to help you through the day. This aroma is perfect to use in a situation where we are not in a position to choose the atmosphere or our mood during certain important occasions. Therefore, if you are depressed or in a bad mood, put some Happiness into your life. It is best to use it during celebrations, weddings, birthday parties, family gatherings, places where children play and sleep, offices, kindergartens, restaurants. Also in your home, school, pet shop, etc…
Happines aromatherapy scent
Therapy Air® combined with Aromatherapy is beyond compare as a way to improve physical health and emotional well-being
Therapy Air® is designed to make it easy to use the Swisso Logical Aromatherapy Scent Gel. Packaged in an individual container that slides effortlessly into the front of Therapy Air®, the scent will give your house and office a true air of distinction.

How to exchange aromatherapy scent gels Exchanging romatherapy scent gels is easy!


Zepter’s Therapy Air®

  • Effectively fights against indoor air pollution, giving you pure air
  • Destroys bacteria, molds and viruses
  • Neutralises disturbing odours in a silent way
  • Protects your family from polluted indoor air which can cause respiratory problems and cancer
  • Offers a real relief for people who suffer from allergies and asthma
  • Allows you to experiences less headaches and bronchial discomfort
  • Strengthens the immune system of your children protecting them from pollution and from pet’s allergies thanks to its disinfecting effect
  • Neutralises odours in your flat
  • Helps you breathe easily and work better

A healthy solution for:   
  • Cigarette smoke   
  • Asthma attacks   
  • Allergies   
  • Respiratory problems   
  • Headaches   
  • Dizziness or colds
  • Bacteria, moulds and viruses
  • Bronchial discomfort
  • Unpleasant odours
  • Pet allergies
  • Air pollution…

Experience Therapy Air® in every situation where air is polluted

At home, at the office, in the kindergarten, in the school, in the kid’s room, in the hospital, in the pharmacy, in the waiting rooms, in the factory, in the pet shop, in the furniture store, in the restaurant, in the hotel, in the sport centre, in the fitness centre…

Where there is space to breathe there is a place for Therapy Air®

Even when our homes are perfectly clean Therapy Air® is working hard to keep us healthy

Our homes are our personal paradises - the only place we have left to escape from the world around us. Use Therapy Air® to help ensure that you really are escaping the outside world. Health organizations across the world are fighting for better air quality, but their resources are insufficient. In our homes, we now have the power to take care of ourselves and make our part of the world healthy.
Breathe safe at home with Therapy Air®!

A long day at work, a drive through rush hour traffic, and an aching head make it hard to enjoy your family at night. How can time with them be made better?
Come home to fresh Therapy Air® air, breathe out the stress with Swisso Logical Aromatherapy, and enjoy time with a family that has energy to give you because they, too, are invigorated by clean and healthy air! Don’t let fatigue destroy the magic moments your family can give you!

Air affects us positively in all we do thanks to Therapy Air®!

Breathing affects everything we do. Clogged lungs, aching head and fatigue can ruin more than just a day at work or a dinner out. Don’t let bad air ruin the small amount of time we have to give that special someone. The kids are away for the weekend; there is nothing to do but stay home and be in love. Breathe deeply; Therapy Air® renders the air potent.

Try to remember the world you grew up in. How has it changed? What sort of new challenges do our children face everyday? Challenges that we cannot even imagine! Their bodies are not ready for the constant attack of chemicals and toxins in our air.
They are still so young, and it is a shame they have to face the toxic world around them. Make sure they are secure at home. Use Therapy Air® and ensure they are breathing healthfully during the time they spend at home. Give them the chance to face the world!

What a shame it is they don’t have Therapy Air® at school!
Children share and spread so many germs! Make sure when they bring the germs home, you are ready to destroy them – with Therapy Air®!

Where there is space to breathe, there is a place for Therapy Air®

Our homes are probably the most important, but only one of the places we spend our time. What about work? We spend as much as 35% of our time at work! What kind of things in our workplaces affect the air we breathe? How does the air we breathe affect our work?
Put a Therapy Air® close to where you work, and feel the difference. When once toxins made your eyes water (and don’t forget your customers and clients) and your throat hurt, you will be able to breathe and think clearly again! That’s right, think! How can you concentrate when you can’t even breathe?

Set your mind and your body free, get rid of toxins in - or even created by - your work place. Breathe easier, and work better. Use Aromatherapy to give you energy when you are up against a deadline, or make your customers feel happier while they are with you.
Therapy Air® will give you the advantage over your competition - the advantage of health!

Leisure time is time for ourselves. It would be foolish to neglect our own health when considering the many uses for Therapy Air®! At the gym, in the café, going to the movies… Just think! If all of these places had Therapy Air® we could always breathe healthy air!

What are you breathing in the gym? Chemical deodorant, sweat, water vapour from who knows where! Legionnaire’s Disease is known to spread in water vapour from things like steam baths and hot tubs. Is that what you are breathing? A romantic restaurant, dimly lit with candles and incense, would be so much more invigorating with the benefit of fresh, breathable air as well.
Therapy Air® is light, and easy to move around. It can be put almost anywhere.
The uses and benefits of Therapy Air® cannot be counted. Long hours spent indoors allow us time to be ourselves.

Close to your pets, far from allergies with Therapy Air®

We do our best to train our pets, but what do they do when we are not watching? What happens when the dog goes out into the backyard? Anyone who has ever raised a dog can tell you about the tough times they went through. Puppies - so loveable - but they are a mess. Homes and apartments are never the same; the stench stays for years. And when they are older? Dogs love swimming or to go for a roll in the muck. Without constant washing, dogs can be a smelly mess!
What sort of "gifts" are the cats bringing home for us?
All of these things can affect our air quality at home, not to mention pet dander. Ask anyone with allergies about pet dander! Free your home from these known, and unknown, hazards with top quality air filtering and sterilizing. On top of it all, your pets, with their heightened senses, will probably appreciate the clean air even more than you will!

 Experience Therapy Air in every situation where air is polluted

Even when our homes are perfectly clean Therapy Air is working hard to keep us healthy

Air affects us positively in all we do thanks to zepter for Therapy Air!

Air affects us positively in all we do thanks to zepter for Therapy Air!

Where there is space to breathe, there is a place for Therapy Air

Where there is space to breathe, there is a place for Therapy Air

Close to your pets, far from allergies with Therapy Air