Hydro Cellular Eye Cream


Hydro Cellular Eye Cream
Code: PNK-4070
15 ml

A true wake-up call for your eyes!

A deep and regenerative anti-ageing treatment for the delicate skin around the eyes.
GENISTEIN and LIPACTIVE INCA INCHI OIL are organic active ingredients that target the signs of ageing  at a cellular level, to provide immediate lifting and brightening effects, as well as instant hydration to the skin. This eye cream effectively minimises fine lines and wrinkles, as it firms sagging skin caused by a loss of elasticity. It dramatically reduces puffiness, lessens the appearance of dark circles, and gives you a healthier, brighter and more luminous look.

Application Tip

Dab the eye cream from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. If crow’s feet are present, make sure to get into the crevices at the corners. Applying the cream on both eyelids will create a smooth foundation for your eye make-up and prevent drooping eyelids. For best results use twice a day, mornings and evenings.


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